Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

[UTAU]Melt [Sakuya Himeha]

sakuya sing this, with a fixed oto.file. (OH THANK YOU CARLISTA-CHAAN!!)

please enjoy :)

New comer UTAU

hello, i welcome you a new (indonesian) UTAU her name is SAKUYA HIMEHA

About Sakuya:
Name : Sakuya Himeha/サクヤ  ヒメ葉 (meanings, the last night leaf princess)
Type: YL-01/YOURloid-01 (Utau produced by maliksa)
Age : 16
Height : 160 cm
weight: unknown
Likes : Singing, Colecting leafes, taking care of turtles.
Item : Leaf
Quotes:"Always act tough, when people are down"Info : Created on 18 August. a day after indonesia birthday
Info : Created on 18 August. a day after indonesia birthday.
Personality: Sakuya is a calm and friendly, she's a little childish but sometimes she can be elegant
she really an idiot and innocent girl, easy to be tricked. but she always smile whatever what happens to her.
really cares about nature especially turtle's and tree's.

thankss :)